Science should guide uncovering origins of coronavirus, says Bangladeshi official

Source:Xinhua 03-09-21 09:13 Updated BJT
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by Naim-Ul-Karim

DHAKA, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Uncovering the origins of COVID-19 is a matter for science and should be free of political interference, a senior Bangladeshi official said on Thursday.

In an interview with Xinhua, AFM Ruhal Haque, chairman of Bangladesh's Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, stressed that the study of the origins of COVID-19 should not be politicized.

"I'll say again that coronavirus is a matter of medical science. The origin of the virus, therefore, needs to be investigated through scientific research only," said Haque, also the country's former health minister.

"What is happening in the name of investigating the origin of the virus is a very bad thing," he said, referring to political and intelligence efforts to trace the virus's origins.

"I would urge all the countries to rise above politics and work together to fight the virus," he added.

Meanwhile, the official thanked China for its continuous support to Bangladesh since the beginning of the pandemic.

Apart from medical supplies and vaccines, he especially noted the medical team China sent to Bangladesh.

"I had the opportunity to meet members of the excellent Chinese medical team. Their suggestions helped us immensely to cope with the initial COVID-19 shocks," he said.

"Not only Bangladesh, China has helped many countries in the world to deal with the virus," the official said, expressing hope that ongoing Chinese support will bolster global efforts to fight the world's common enemy. 

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03-09-21 09:13 BJT
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